AM 94x/x1x - 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor AdvancedMC™ Module, with Serial RapidIO®

The AM 94x/x1x is a high performance single-width, full or mid-height, AdvancedMCT processor module supporting the 3rd generation IntelR CoreT i7 processor and Mobile IntelR QM77 Express Chipset with up to 16 Gbytes of DDR3-1600 ECC DRAM. The AM 94x/x1x is designed in compliance to AMC.0, AMC.4 Type 5 and Type 10 (single or dual x4 Serial RapidIOR), AMC.2 Type E2 (2 x Gigabit Ethernet) and AMC.3 Type S2 (2 x SATA ports). The module also features up to three USB 2.0 ports, two RS232 ports, two additional SATA ports, a x2 PCIe Gen 2 port, and two additional Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. Supporting full hot swap and IPMI capabilities with a range of industry standard operating systems, the AM 94x/x1x is designed for use in AdvancedTCAR or MicroTCAT applications in the telecommunications, scientific, and defense markets. Application examples include media-servers or blade-servers. (Mas informacion)

SY AMC/235 - 6 Slot MicroTCA® Starter Kit

The SY AMC/235 is a MicroTCAR starter kit for use with single-width AdvancedMCT (AMC) modules. This 6 slot system is configured to provide engineers with a practical, high performance, high quality development environment for MicroTCA applications. The chassis is a desk-mounting enclosure providing 5 vertically mounting AMC slots and an MCH slot on a MicroTCA backplane, with a 300W removable power supply. To enable fast track development, the system comes pre-installed with a dual-core AMC SBC and a PCI ExpressR MicroTCA Carrier Hub. The AMC SBC comes with an 8 Gbyte Flash drive. For larger storage requirements an optional SATA mass storage drive is available. The system uses standard Concurrent Technologies products allowing easy progression from development to implementation. (Mas informacion)

Sabtech's new Sparrow ATDS Serial AMC board featured in XTCA & CompactPCI Systems

NewsSabtech, an established leader in the design, manufacture and support of tactical data communications solutions for military and government agencies, adds to its popular line of Sparrow™ computer interfaces with its new Sparrow ATDS Serial AMC board. Designed for Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) carriers and uTCA chassis, this new board provides a serial channel Tactical Digital Information Link (TADIL) A compliant with MIL-STD-188-203-1A, Appendix D2. (Mas informacion)

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