SA1-FUSION CompactPCI® Serial • PCI Express® Card Adapter

The SA1-FUSION is a peripheral slot board for PICMG® CompactPCI® Serial systems and acts as carrier for a low profile PCI Express® card. The SA1-FUSION is provided with a PCIe x8 connector (option x4, x1) and accommodates a PCIe card with dimensions up to 147mm x 83.75mm. With respect to the PCIe x8 connector, the SA1-FUSION is equipped with the backplane connectors P1/P2 for support of up to 8 PCI Express® lanes when inserted into a CompactPCI® Serial Fat Pipe Slot. On the x1 or x4 SA1-FUSION versions, only P1 is populated. The SA1-0100-FUSION requires only a single PCI ExpressR lane from the backplane, passed over across the connector P1 to the on-board PCIe x 1 connector. With respect to the SA1-0400-FUSION (PCIe x 4 connector), four PE lanes would be required, which are provided by a CompactPCIR Serial fat pipe slot, but may be available in some cases also from an ordinary peripheral slot. Both carrier board options, the SA1-0100 and SA1-0400, allow for up to 148mm x 83.75mm PCIe card dimensions. The maximum performance can be achieved with the SA1-0800-FUSION, due to the PCIe x8 on-board connector. Since both backplane connectors P1/P2 are required in order to pass over eight PE lanes from a CompactPCIR Serial fat pipe slot, the maximum length of a PCIe card would be limited by the position of P2 to 139mm. The SA1-FUSION is provided with a PCIe clock buffer for optimum signal integrity. (Mas informacion)

SXS-STRING and SX2-SLIDE CompactPCI® SerialI Express® External Cabling • PCIex4 Target System Adapter and PCIex4 Host Adapter

* Most computer systems are based on the PCI Express® standard as a high speed backbone for interconnection of peripheral components with a host CPU. Typically all PCI Express® based devices are located closely in a common enclosure. The PCI-SIG PCI Express® External Cabling Specification addresses extended applications, such as split-systems or I/O expansion by means of a suitable copper cable, available e.g. for a x4 PCI Express® link, up to 7m length. When used with an AOC (Active Optical Cable), distances of up to 300m can be bridged between host and target systems. The SXS-STRING is a target system adapter card for PCIe x4 external cabling. The board fits into the system slot of a CompactPCI® Serial backplane. Two on-board quad-port SATA 6G RAID controllers are used to distribute eight SATA channels across a CompactPCI® Serial backplane. Thus, up to eight SATA based CompactPCI® Serial peripheral slot cards in a target system can be controlled by a remote host system CPU, with a maximum PCI Express® transfer rate of 20GT/s. The SXS-STRING serves as a high performance SATA controller, suitable e.g. for configuring industrial storage systems.The SXS-STRING allows to control a CompactPCIR Serial target (downstream) system by a remote host CPU via PCI ExpressR external cabling. The host (upstream) system may be any computer with a PCI ExpressR external cabling adapter, not necessarily a CompactPCIR Serial system. The SXS-STRING must be inserted into the system slot of the CompactPCIR Serial target system. Being mainly a powerful SATA controller, the SXS-STRING is organized similar to a CompactPCIR Serial system slot controller card, however restricted to the SATA resources of the CompactPCIR Serial backplane. The SXS-STRING is connected to the host system by a PCI ExpressR x4 front panel cabling connector. An on-board PCI ExpressR packet switch establishes dedicated PCIe links for two attached SATA controllers. Eight SATA channels in total are available via the relevant backplane connectors P1/P3, sufficient for up to eight SATA based CompactPCIR Serial peripheral cards in a target system. Since the SXS-STRING is equipped with two quad port SATA 6G controllers, the SATA devices of the CompactPCIR Serial target system are organized as 2 x 4 drives. Each controller can be individually configured for RAID level 0/1/10, or non-RAID operation. (Mas informacion)

* The SX2-SLIDE allows to control a remote PCI ExpressR based target (downstream) system by a CompactPCIR Serial host CPU via PCI ExpressR external cabling. The target system may be any PCI ExpressR based hardware with an external cabling adapter, not necessarily a CompactPCIR Serial system. By means of the SX2-SLIDE, a CompactPCIR Serial system backplane, with respect to its PCI ExpressR resources, can be virtually extended. Hence, PCI ExpressR based devices in a remote target system can be controlled by the CompactPCIR Serial host system CPU in an identical manner as its local resources. (Mas informacion)

SL4-TUBA CompactPCI® Serial • 20-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

The SL4-TUBA is a peripheral slot card for CompactPCI® Serial systems. The board is equipped with a modular Gigabit Ethernet switch fabric up to 20 ports. While 5 GbE ports are wired to associated RJ45 front panel jacks, another 14 GbE ports are available for rear I/O via the backplane connectors P5/P6. In addition, the SL4-TUBA is provided with a PCI Express® to Gigabit Ethernet controller, which is internally also connected to the GbE switch. For optimum scalability, the SL4-TUBA employs up to four Gigabit Ethernet switches internally, wired together for a total of 20 GbE ports. The Marvell® 88E6350R devices in use are self-managed and comprise a rich feature set. Likewise, the Intel® I210-IT Ethernet NIC provides latest networking technology, e.g. Audio-Video Bridging (AVB) for tightly controlled media stream synchronisation, buffering, and reservation. The SL4-TUBA is equipped with a maximum of four Marvell® 88E6350R Gigabit Ethernet switches. Each of them provides 5 ports with integrated Ethernet transceivers (PHY) and two digital interfaces (RGMII). The switches are coupled together by means of their RGMII interfaces. A total of 20 PHY ports is available on-board, wired to the front panel (5) and to the CompactPCI® Serial backplane connectors P5/P6 (14). One PHY port is connected to the on-board Gigabit Ethernet controller. While the front panel RJ45 jacks are provided with integrated magnetics, all other GbE PHY ports are isolated by on-board magnetics modules. A custom specific backplane will be required for usage of the rear I/O GbE ports. The SL4-TUBA can be inserted into any CompactPCI® Serial peripheral slot. A single PCI Express® lane would be sufficient for communication with the on-board Gigabit Ethernet controller. (Mas informacion)

CPC510 - 3U CompactPCI® Intel® Core i7 CPU Board

CPC510 is a highly integrated 3U CPCI Serial solution for using in real time systems, manufacturing control, high-speed collection and processing of data. ???510 is another product in the range of 3U CPCI modules manufactured by Fastwel Group.The board is based on the Intel Ivy Bridge CPU (2- or 4-core CPUs) which has one of the highest performances in its class. CPC510 uses high speed I/O interfaces (PCI-Express, Gigabit Ethernet) and modern technologies for video data processing. Modular structure of the device enables a flexible setting of the system for particular fields, which optimizes a price-quality relationship.To expand CPC510 functionalities, MIC584 mezzanine module is used. Its detailed description is given in the User Manual.Stable operation of CPC510 enables its use in all industrial applications. Components, on which CPC510 is based, are carefully selected in accordance with the embedded system applicability criteria which make the module perfectly fit for the long life cycle systems.The module has the following structure of I/O channels:
- 2 GB/s Ethernet controllers (2x routed to the front panel);
- 12x USB 2.0 ports supporting HS, FS and LS data rates (2x on the front panel, 2x on the mezzanine, 8x on the backplane connector);
- 4x USB 3.0 ports (routed to the backplane connector)
- 6x SATA ports (4x ports are routed to the backplane connector, 1 to the mezzanine board, 1 switchable: backplane/mezzanine board)
- 1x DisplayPort, routed to MIC590 board (to the front panel of CPC510-02)
- 1x LVDS, routed to MIC590 board- 2x DisplayPorts on the front panel.
- HD Audio, routed to the mezzanine connector.
- LPC, routed to the mezzanine connector. (Mas informacion)

G51 - 3U CompactPCI® Serial QorIQ™ Communications CPU Board

The G51 unites the benefits of CompactPCI® Serial and the interface capabilities and calculation power of a QorIQ™ CPU. Being based on a Freescale™ quad-core QorIQ™ P3041 processor, the 3U, 4 HP single-board computer provides a large number of high-speed serial interfaces both at the front and at the CPCI-S.0 rear connectors. Three Gigabit Ethernet channels at the front and a standard five ports at the rear provide solid connectivity. The three front ports can also be routed to the rear, so that the maximum of eight Ethernet channels defined by CPCI-S.0 are available on the backplane. This routing option is a standard feature, and can be set in the U-Boot boot loader. In a similar way, the G51 comes with two SATA 2.x channels, where one can either be used for an onboard mSATA disk, or as a second port at the rear - also switchable via U-Boot. SGPIO is available, too. The G51 comes with six standard rear USB 2.0 ports, and the two standard front interfaces can be led to the rear as a hardware option, for a total of eight backplane channels. Four PCI Express® links (two x1, one x2 and one x4) add another important column of CompactPCI® Serial features to the G51's rear I/O. Its abundant connectivity, flexible configuration options and multi-core computing performance make the G51 a universal off-the-shelf platform for all kinds of communication and processing tasks. Data acquisition, data encryption, simulation and process control systems are only a few examples. Suitable CompactPCI® Serial peripheral cards are available to add specialized functions in a modular system where necessary. Apart from its connectivity, the card comes with fast DDR3 RAM, a microSD™ card slot, a number of board management functions and Linux BSP support. All components are soldered for protection against shock and vibration and withstand an extended operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C. As an option, the board can be equipped with M12 Ethernet front connectors. The G51 is also ready for coating so that it can be used in humid and dusty environments. All this makes the G51 a perfect choice for railway, avionics or marine applications, but also for fields like automation or power & energy, where computers face harsh environments. (Mas informacion)

C920 PowerQUICCTM II Pro 3U CompactPCI SBC

Aitech's C920 3U CompactPCI SBC is an ultra low power, high performance PowerPCR platform packed into a small 3U form factor. Based on Freescale's MPC8349E PowerQUICCTM II Pro controller the C920 SBC features a combination of the advanced e300 PowerPC core and multiple I/O interfaces integrated into a single low power device. (Mas informacion)

SP0 3U CompactPCI Radiation Tolerant PowerPC® SBC

Aitech's SP0 3U CompactPCI SBC is an evolution from the Aitech C925/S950 SBCs. Modifications included a processor upgrade to the Freescale's PowerQUICC III MPC8548E - e500 System on Chip, an additional large user Flash. With the processor upgrade, the SP0 has increased processing performance while maintaining or reducing the power requirements. (Mas informacion)

C660 6U CompactPCI Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Aitech's C660 is a high-performance 6U CompactPCI Gigabit Ethernet Switch for embedded and harsh environment applications. The C660 is based on Marvell's Bobcat Gigabit Ethernet Switch Controller and MTS Management Suite. The simplified user web interface is an intuitive management tool, enabling convenient use of the switch's comprehensive feature set for a better-optimized network. (Mas informacion)

H264-ULL-cPCI Dual channel CompactPCI HD Encoder

New from Advanced Micro Peripherals (AMP), the world-leading embedded video innovators, comes the latest H264-ULL-cPCI dual channel encoder board for CompactPCI systems. (Mas informacion)

H264-cPCI8 – 8 Channel Video Codec for CompactPCI

In complex situations where real time, full-frame rate video and audio capture is required; where only powerful, flexible embedded video solutions will do, you can rely on the H264-cPCI8 from Advanced Micro Peripherals (AMP). (Mas informacion).

3U cPCI PlusIO Intel® Core™ i7 CPU F22P

The new F22P CompactPCIR PlusIO SBC comes with the high-performance third generation IntelR CoreT i7 processor running at up to 3.3 GHz maximum turbo frequency. The CPU card delivers excellent graphics performance and is designed especially for embedded systems which require high computing performance with low power consumption. (Mas informacion)

Application Examples for CompactPCI® PlusIO

CompactPCIR PlusIO is ideal for users who want to preserve existing system cards and established system architecture on CompactPCIR, but would also like to use additional high-speed protocols for special applications. (Mas informacion)

Third Generation Intel® Core™ i7 on CompactPCI® Serial SBC G22

Equipped with the latest generation IntelR CoreT i7 processor MEN's second CompactPCIR Serial SBC offers especially high performance for data-intensive applications. Beside increased computing performance, the G22 also excels with high graphics performance as well as state-of-the-art I/O functionality. (Mas informacion)

Industrial Ethernet Switches for Data-Intensive CompactPCI® Serial Applications

The new G302 and G303 Ethernet switches on 3U CompactPCIR Serial make a name for themselves thanks to their flexibility. Whether managed or unmanaged, in multiprocessing systems with high data volume or for versatile I/O: Thanks to their CompactPCIR Serial architecture the rugged switches are well equipped for any field of application. (Mas informacion)

SIL 4-Ready Safety on CompactPCI® PlusIO - Dual Redundancy for Rail Applications

The new F75P CompactPCIR PlusIO SBC was specially designed for rail applications and brings functional safety to the board level, using redundant IntelR AtomT processors. While two redundant CPUs with independent RAM and Flash memory increase system safety, a third processor controls the I/O interfaces. (Mas informacion)

Wireless, Limitless, Flawless - PCIe® Mini Cards Add SIM Power to CompactPCI®

The new F223 CompactPCIR carrier board for PCI ExpressR Mini Card fulfills almost any possible wish regarding wireless data transfer. In addition, the board can be expanded using a plug-on adapter module with up to 16 SIM card slots. (Mas informacion)

CompactPCI® Serial USB 3.0 Interface Card for Data-Intensive Applications

Thanks to the G201, the new USB 3.0 interface card, MEN's portfolio of CompactPCIR Serial boards has again gained more flexibility. The four USB 3.0 ports at the front panel can either be used to connect fast USB 3.0 devices or to extend the USB interfaces with 2.0 functionality of the CPU board. (Mas informacion)

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