S50J-Computing Platform with Ample I/O

The S50J Platform is a versatile computing platform suitable for use in harsh environments. Featuring ample gigabit Ethernet and RS 232/422/485 port counts, the system is suitable for applications ranging from industrial control and automation, to mining, agricultural and transportation or anywhere that requires reliable performance industry or wet environments exposed to temperature extremes. At its heart is a high performance yet low heat dissipation IntelR CoreT i7 from the Embedded Roadmap with a mobile Intel QM57 Express Chipset. The modular architecture of the S50J Platform combined with Elma's unmatched packaging capabilities allow optional I/O choices that can be easily added and integrated into a chassis that suits your application needs while meeting your SWaP requirements. (Mas informacion)

Zypad BR2000 Small Form-Factor Rugged Wearable / Vehicle Computer with Integrated Wireless and GigE

The Zypad® BR2000 is a rugged, small-form factor wearable computer and vehicle server designed to be the highest performance, most versatile, rugged computer solution in its class for a host of civil and military applications. Leveraging the low-power architecture of the Intel Atom processor together with high-speed wired and wireless network and device I/O interfaces, the BR2000 serves as an ideal soldier/worker wearable computer or vehicle-mount subsystem ready for Linux and Windows applications.
As a man-wearable computer, the BR2000 is designed to be worn on a tactical vest, utility belt, pocket or backpack and interface with a wrist-worn, vest-mounted or hand-held display, and/or helmet monocle. Weighing it at less than 1.8 lbs (~0.8 kg) when fully integrated with its rechargeable/ removable battery, the BR2000 delivers excellent processing and communications capabilities under battery operation maintaining a very small and lightweight mechanical package, similar in size to a portable cassette tape player. Designed for extreme temperatures, vibration, shock, and sealed against exposure to the elements, the BR2000 is also an ideal computing solution for Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) constrained vehicle and aircraft platforms, delivering full PC functionality for Command and Control (C2) applications. Without the battery, the unit weighs a mere 1.4 lb (~0.6 kg) and can be hard mounted inside small nooks and crannies. Standard I/O includes Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0, RS232/422, Audio, and 2D/3D Video Output. The product can be flexibly configured to meet different application requirements, including mix and match preferences for wireless (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS), internal/removable Flash storage (Onboard Flash, CompactFlash) in standard/secure erase versions, and disposable/ rechargeable battery packs or external DC power input (i.e. military battery packs / regulated vehicle power). (Mas informacion)

Remote IO-Next Generation/RIO-NG

RIO-NG is Aitech's latest offering in extensible Remote Input Output digital platforms. The RIO-NG platform is designed around a Common Digital Processing Platform (CDPP) which provides "standard" functionality to collect, process, format, packetize and transport data. (Mas informacion)

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A171 Rugged Compact PC

Aitech's A171 Rugged Compact PC (RCP) is a small, low power, high performance Core™ i7 based rugged computer with a wide variety of I/O interfaces, small form factor, low power dissipation, and very rugged design. The A171 RCP can be used for any application that requires a high performance reliable PC. (Mas informacion)

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A190 RediBuilt™ Integrated Rugged COTS Computer

Aitech's A190 RediBuilt system is a true rugged COTS computer. Assembled, tested, and qualified, RediBuilt provides an out-of-the-box solution to meet many of today's military and airborne computing requirements. Designed using proven Aitech technology, RediBuilt is a fully integrated product, requiring no NRE or any additional development. (Mas informacion)

Low-Power Mission Computer Subsystem with MIL-STD-1553 Databus Interfaces Completes MIL-STD Environmental / EMI Qualification

The DuraCOR® 830 is a rugged tactical mission processor based on the ultra low-power 1.6Ghz Intel Atom CPU, optimally designed for Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP)-constrained military / aerospace vehicle and aircraft installations.(Mas informacion)

Ruggedized Cisco IOS-Managed Switch Successfully Completes MIL-STD Certifications for MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F

The DuraNETR 3000 is a ruggedized version of Cisco Systems' IE-3000 industrial Ethernet switch, specifically hardened for use in demanding military/ civil IP networking technology refresh applications. (Mas informacion)

Sabtech’s Shipboard Peripheral Replacement System (SPRS™) Officially Receives Nomenclature from the U.S. Navy

Sabtech, an established leader in the design, manufacture and support of tactical data communications solutions for military and government agencies, today announced its Shipboard Peripheral Replacement System (SPRS) for the U.S. Navy has received its official nomenclature: OJ-839(V)/U. Giving SPRS an official nomenclature indicates that the system is unique from systems in the existing U.S. inventory. (Mas informacion)

Sabtech Memory System (SMS™)

The Sabtech Memory System (SMS) is a random access, non-volatile data storage peripheral designed for harsh military environments. The SMS, designed as a drop-in replacement for the obsolete BMS1000X48008 Bubble Memory System (BMS), is compatible (form, fit and function) with the original BMS, providing easy transition when installing and utilizing the SMS. The power and I/O receptacles on the SMS are the same as those on the old BMS, so there is no need to re-cable. The command set used by the SMS is identical to the BMS and therefore requires no changes to applications written for the BMS. (Mas informacion)

Cartridge Tape Replacement System (CTRS™)

CTRS is a direct replacement for the USH-26 Cartridge Magnetic Tape Unit (CMTU). It combines the advantages of an off-the-shelf solution with a robust design that can withstand rigorous use. Using up-to-date technology and an intuitive graphical user interface, it is logically identical to the USH-26 so no program changes are required on the host computer. CTRS adds powerful capabilities not possible with the USH-26 such as networking, remote control, and greatly increased storage capacity. It is configured with a choice of NTDS parallel or serial interfaces and uses military connectors that mate with existing cables to further simplify the transition and save costs. (Mas informacion)

Sabtech Military Equipment Replacement System (SMILES™)

SMILES is a high performance, low cost replacement for legacy navy peripheral equipment. Using up-to-date technology, SMILES replaces aging devices that are often difficult and expensive to maintain. With its intuitive graphical interface, SMILES is easy to use while at the same time adding powerful capabilities not possible with the original equipment. (Mas informacion)

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