Video Application Profile - Homeland Security, Border Surveillance for IFT & MVSS programs

AMP Video Capture, Compression, Recording and Overlay are ideally suited to meet the harshest environments and critical reliability for programs such as IFT and MVSS. (Mas informacion)

Eurotech Extends Proven DynaPCN Passenger Counting Family

The DynaPCN 10-20 is a compact and autonomous device based on non-contact stereoscopic vision technology specifically designed for accurately counting passengers entering or leaving public transport vehicles such as trains, metros or buses. (Mas informacion)

SuperView 4K - Multiviewer

RGB Spectrum introduces the SuperViewR 4K, a real-time multiviewer designed for "Ultra HD" panels and projectors. These new displays and projectors have resolutions of eight megapixels - four times the resolution of HD video. The SuperView 4K is the ideal multiviewer to display up to eight high resolution graphic or video images, including 4K imagery. Multiviewers have never looked this good before. (Mas informacion)

OmniWall 16/32 - Wall Processor

The new OmniWallT display processor is designed to meet the need for flexible wall sized displays in applications ranging from digital signage to command centers, control rooms, and other mission critical venues. (Mas informacion)

DSx 264/264D Codecs - Recording & Streaming

The DSx™264 codec provides advanced H.264 compression for best-in-class streaming and recording.
(Mas informacion)

DSx 300 - Recording & Streaming

The DSx™ 300 codec offers advanced H.264 compression and best-in-class performance for streaming and recording, available in a rugged enclosure for challenging environments. (Mas informacion)

Opto Enterprise Video Switcher

The Opto™ series of fiber optic based products includes enterprise level matrix switchers, transmit and receive modules and related accessories. (Mas informacion)

MultiPoint Control Room Management System (MCMS)

The MultiPoint Control Room ManagementT System (MCMS) is a collaborative control room system for addressing, displaying, and controlling shared computer and visual resources in a control room environment. A control room management system of preferences and priorities determines which operators have access to data and provides a hierarchy among operators for controlling resources. The result is a control room display system for transfers of control, backups, and overrides, designed for both efficiency and emergency response. (Mas informacion)


The HydraT multi-channel scaler offers a new level of functionality for scaling and format conversion of signals up to 2048x1152 and 1900x1200 resolutions. The user-configurable system offers superb compactness, with up to eight scaler/converters housed in a 2RU chassis. (Mas informacion)

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