Rugged PCI-104 Ultra Low latency H.264 Encoder


HDGrabber-DVI - HDMI/DVI Video Capture Controller for PCI-104 H264ULL-Encoder Highlights:

  4x NTSC/PAL/RS-170 video input
  Top quality H.264 recording & streaming
  Ultra low latency for UAV applications
  Drivers for Windows & Linux  
  Rugged PCI-104 form factor

The H264ULL-Encoder is supported by a set of well documented and established SDK's that minimize development risk and shorten time to market for applications requiring video recording or streaming
HDGrabber-DVI - HDMI/DVI Video Capture Controller for PCI-104
H264ULL-ENCODER Function Diagram
What to expect from the 'embedded video experts'.....

 Industry leading embedded video hardware platforms for OEMs and system integrators
 Dedicated SDKs for multiple operating systems to accelerate your development project
 MPEG-2/4 & H.264 video compression/decompression, overlay annotation and playback
 Low power embedded PCs and communication solutions
 Extended product life with a managed lifecycle beyond 5 years
 Highest level of technical support as we design and manufacture all our own products

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