New Options for Video Wall Galileo Processor

Galileo Display Processor. An IP-Enabled, PC based Video Wall solution.

The innovative Galileo Display Processor is a powerful and economical video wall control system with remote desktop capabilities designed around a PC-based architecture. The video wall processor adds the benefits of PC-based systems, such as IP inputs and the ability to run applications natively, to the 24/7 level of reliability and real-time performance of all of RGB Spectrum’s solutions.

The Galileo system supports a full range of input and output types (IP, analog, DVI/HDMI, 3G/HD-SDI). This PC-based video wall processor can also deliver HDCP protected content to up to 56 displays, while other PC-based systems either do not support HDCP at all or impose severe limitations on video wall size.

A proprietary driver enables the Galileo video wall system to deliver real-time throughput and superb image quality, unlike other PC-based systems that can drop frames or cause image tearing. The video wall controller’s solid state drive and dual-redundant power supplies add an extra level of reliability.

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This IP-enabled video wall processor supports H.264 IP decodes for motion video. In addition, our exclusive VDA remote desktop technology with integrated KVM over IP capabilities provides operators with low-latency control over remote systems via a LAN or WAN. VDA remote desktop performance is demonstrably superior to the industry standard VNC, particularly at low bandwidth or with high motion graphics and video. 

The video wall processor system is easy to set-up and control. Galileo’s advanced GUI allows users to “drag and drop” inputs and applications, such as VMS, SCADA and videoconferencing, to the video wall. A convenient tablet interface is also available. In addition, an API allows operators to monitor remote alarms and create advanced scripts to recall layouts and control third-party equipment.

The Galileo processor is ideal for a range of applications including mission-critical operations centers, command centers and control rooms, as well as boardroom video walls, corporate lobby displays, and large-scale digital signage. Combining enhanced reliability with the flexibility of a PC system, the new IP-enabled Galileo display processor is a PC wall done right.

RGB Spectrum recently released two new feature packs for its versatile Galileo Display Processor: the Security Pack Option and the Digital Signage Option.

The new Security Pack Option for the Galileo system offers enterprise-level security that meets the requirements of IT administrators. It includes a host of features designed to protect the integrity of system data and resources, including user profile security and event logging capabilities, as well as integration with Microsoft Active Directory authentication. With this feature, registered users login to the Galileo system with their MS Active Directory network user name and password, enabling a higher level of system security and IT oversight. In addition, Security Pack features allow administrators to restrict user access to layouts, scripts, schedules, and even limit user accessibility to specific areas of a video wall. The Security Pack Option also includes detailed event logging which can be used for after action reporting, training, and a host of auditing functions.

The new Digital Signage (DS) Option adds extensive image manipulation capabilities to the Galileo system. It offers an easy-to-use timeline editor that can animate video input windows. Adjustable parameters include window size, position, cropping, opacity, rotation, input source, brightness, contrast, hue and saturation. The DS Option’s powerful image editing capabilities allow users to create engaging and fully-customizable digital signage displays.

Depending on your requirements, these new options pack enhance the versatility of our Galileo system. Choose the options that are right for your project.

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