Solucion para expandir un PCembedded con placas PCIe

The current expansion possibilities within the PIP product line gets a new member. So far, the PIP's can be expanded over PCI-104, PMC, miniPCIe, and PCI. With the new product, this list will be expanded with PCIe and soon with XMC.

We basically developed two solutions, allowing to install the PCIe cards in a horizontal way. The front of the PCIe card is directly accessible and potential LED are visible as well

PCIe add-onPCIe add-on

The PCI-104 to PCIe adapter (PIPPCIex1-1) extends the industrial PCI-104 bus, allowing to install a PCIe x1 card. And the PCIe/104 to PCIe adapter (PIPPCIex16-1) extends the industrial PCIe/104 bus, allowing to install a PCIe card (x1, x4, x8 and x16)
PCIe cards with a length up to 140mm will fit into the standard 83 and 120mm housings. Longer cards will fit too, but require an overhang in the housing as shown in the picture. The required 12V power supply for the PCIe card (up to 25W) is picked up from the PIP. For more then 25W, the adapter can be equipped with a power connector for an external 12V power supply. We can also provide passive cooling methods in case a graphic card or GPU needs to be installed. Simply talk to us to find a solution for your needs.

The PCIe adapters are PCIe/104 as well as PCI-104 compatible. The adapter are designed in line with the specification for rugged embedded computers, hence can be used in environments of up to -40°C to 85°C.

The PCIe card is installed in the PIP on special support brackets, to insure the card is mechanically secured and also withstands shock and vibration. The adapter is equipped with a x16 horizontal PCI Express card edge connector.

PCIe add-on

If you need additional information or you have a specific application please feel free to get in touch with us.